Shrimp and Grits

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst

John 6:34

One of the things from back home that I miss the most while I’m away for college is my mom’s cooking. Nothing compares to coming home from school or soccer practice or a long day and eating some home cooked food. My favorite food that my mom makes is undoubtedly shrimp and grits. It sounded a little weird to me at first, like shrimp and grits don’t seem like they belong together, but I promise you shrimp and grits were created specifically to be eaten together. The grits are all cheesy and garlic-ey and I’m sure there’s all kinds of good spices and fancy cooking stuff in there too that makes them so good. My mom’s shrimp and grits are so satisfying that I really think I could eat an entire bathtub full of that stuff. I’ve certainly tried to eat enough of them to never have to eat again, but for some reason no matter how much I eat I always wake up hungry the next morning. In John 6:34 Jesus explains that when we come to him we never have to hunger and thirst again. We don’t have to look for satisfaction in friends or in money or in popularity because we already have ultimate satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus that can never be topped. Nothing in this world will ever wholly satisfy us like an intimate growing relationship with Jesus.

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