Drink the Cup

So Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into its sheath; shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?”

John 18:11

Each one of us deserves to “drink the cup” of God’s wrath to pay for our sin. Our sin merits a full measure of God’s wrath to pay for it. However, since each one of us isn’t holy and perfect or God’s son it was going to take us all of the eternity to drink the cup of punishment, in fact, there would never be a time when we would be able to finish the cup. In this story, Peter tries to save Jesus, but Jesus says he doesn’t need to be saved: God has a better plan. Jesus had come humbly to Earth so that he could take that cup that each and every one of us was supposed to drink and drink it for us. By dying as a substitute for us Jesus took that cup of God’s wrath that I deserved to spend eternity drinking and drank it all and turned it over and said, “It is finished.” He took the punishment that should have separated me from God for eternity and now through Him you and I can have a right relationship with God because our debt has been paid. Nothing spurs me on into a greater and deeper love for God and others than remembering the powerful sacrifice Jesus made in his death, and I hope reflection on that does the same for you.

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