Fall on your Face

The LORD said to Joshua “Get up! Why have you fallen on your face?”

Joshua 7:10

My last play of basketball in middle school was a pretty memorable one, even though I don’t actually remember most of it. I was never much more than a barely above average basketball player, but in this particular game, I had been playing pretty well. I definitely had the most points I ever had in a game, and our team was winning by quite a good margin. On what would end up being my last play I got the ball on a fast break with nobody between me and the basket. I coasted down the floor and jumped thinking I would complete a routine layup like I had done hundreds of times in my life. The next thing I remember is waking up laying flat on my back on the gym floor with the athletic trainer standing over me. Per video evidence, I know that a player from the other team had hit me from behind and sent me flying into the wall behind the basket. You could definitely say I got knocked down. In this story, Joshua and the Israelites have been knocked down. Because of the disobedience of some of Joshua’s men, they had lost a battle they certainly should have won. Joshua was distraught over the defeat and sin of the people. God immediately rebukes him and tells him to get up and fix the problem. Our God is a God of second chances. If you get knocked down by circumstances in life or even your own sin, remember that God doesn’t want you to stay down. Get up off your face and continue pursuing after the God of second chances.


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